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Our Mission

Support for veterans of the United States armed services is a national priority, and many organizations have answered the call to help veterans in the areas of health care, housing, jobs, and beyond. We applaud these organizations for providing services to those who have selflessly pledged to protect our freedom and way of life.

But the Veterans for Housing Initiative is different. Our goal is to attract and train veterans for careers in housing management. We believe that the housing industry itself, and affordable housing in particular, represents a unique opportunity for veterans to continue to give back to their community while also being an excellent career choice.

Every year, 200,000 service members transition out of their military career and into civilian life, and when they do that, they bring a wealth of experience and intangible leadership qualities to whatever career path they choose. While law enforcement agencies, defense contractors, and the federal government have understood the advantages to recruiting talent from the military, the housing industry has not. The National Center for Housing Management sees an opportunity not only to show veterans an oft-unseen career path in housing, but to help the industry as a whole by attracting candidates that are qualified, experienced, and bring attributes to their job that only a previous career in the military would cultivate.

NCHM is spearheading this long-term effort to educate veterans on the benefits of a career in housing management and is committed to training them to be better prepared for day-to-day operations of their properties.

Click here to learn more about NCHM and their experience in training Veterans for jobs in the housing industry.

Why Housing Management?

Like many industries, housing management has a continuing and significant need for trained and motivated employees. Available jobs include property managers and assistant managers, maintenance supervisors and facilities managers and a variety of administrative support positions. These jobs are well-paying and just as importantly, they provide excellent opportunities for advancement. Additionally, many of the jobs available in the housing industry fit well with the skills for which veterans have already been trained and competencies that veterans possess.

Housing management represents more than a source of jobs – it offers careers where professionals can make a difference in local communities while providing for themselves and their families. It’s as if the industry were made for veterans, as they bring attributes to the table that are in high demand, particularly in affordable housing communities, including work ethic, discipline, personal responsibility and dedication to team and mission.

Our Programs

The John J. Burke, Jr. Veterans Scholarship Program

Thoughtful and thorough planning is essential, but time is of the essence. So, while the process unfolds, NCHM will be setting aside three tuition-free slots in every one of the more than 400 scheduled NCHM programs that we deliver annually in several cities across the country and online. This represents a commitment of $1,000,000 in training and certification. NCHM is currently developing the procedures and processes for this initiative and will soon launch a nationwide awareness campaign to make veterans and veteran groups aware of the program.

This commitment is just the beginning.

Want to participate in the Veterans Scholarship Program? Click the button to register as a candidate.

The NCHM Veterans Apprenticeship Program

Over the next several months, NCHM will be reaching out to its trusted friends and partners to secure commitments for a minimum of twenty-five paid apprenticeships. These apprenticeships will be intended to lead to full-time positions either within the sponsoring organization or elsewhere in the industry. NCHM will then oversee a recruitment process to identify and match veterans to these apprenticeships. Each veteran will work with an Advisor Team to ensure the best possible match and to develop an Individualized Training Plan. Initially, we envision veterans following one of four basic tracks or program emphasis areas:

  • Property Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Compliance
  • Administrative Support

The training will begin with a special Introduction to the Affordable Housing Industry program. This online program will consist of a number of modules led by NCHM’s senior faculty and augmented by other experts that will provide an intensive orientation to the industry. Students will learn the history of affordable housing, the basics of current federal housing programs, the fundamentals of fair housing, and the role and functions of property management. They will be provided with insights into various jobs and the requirements of those jobs.

After completing the orientation, the participants will move on to the training courses identified in their individual training and career development plans. While participants will have access to NCHM’s entire curriculum, consisting of more than thirty courses as well as hundreds of online webinars, the expectation is that they will complete two to three core courses prior to beginning their apprenticeship and take advantage of NCHM offerings after employment begins. The exact formula will depend on the needs and skills of the veteran and the nature and requirements of the apprenticeship. Throughout this process, participants in the demonstration will have access to the NCHM Advisory Team, which will be there to answer any questions and advise them on modifications to their career development plan as needed.

The goal is to place 100% of the veteran participants in an apprenticeship that leads to gainful, permanent employment in the housing industry and to demonstrate the viability of the program concept. Once this demonstration proves successful, it should garner the support needed to expand and enhance the program.

Interested in the Veterans for Housing Initiative? If you are a veteran, please click the button to register as a candidate.

Get Involved


If you are a veteran or a transitioning servicemember, you can get started in the Veterans for Housing Initiative today. Simply visit to register with the VHI program, build your online resume, and see available jobs in the housing industry. From there, the Veterans for Housing Initiative will work with your prospective employer on getting you the training you need to succeed.

Are you a veteran currently working in the housing industry and want to help contribute to building this grassroots effort? We want to hear from you as well! Please click here to get in contact with the Advisory Team and lets see how we can work together towards our common goal.

Employers & Other Stakeholders

There are many different ways you and your organization can help the Veterans for Housing Initiative. Whether it’s by contributing ideas and insights, or by pledging an apprenticeship spot in your organization through our Veterans Apprenticeship Program, we want you to join the team and help make the Veterans for Housing Initiative a success.

Please reach out to the NCHM Leadership Team directly to find out how to best get involved in this Initiative.

Does your organization or company want to enlist to help grow the Veterans for Housing Initiative? Contact us today about how you can help this effort.